The six million dollar man

the six million dollar man

Der 6 Millionen Dollar-Mann German VHS-video release of: The Six Million Dollar Man (Pilot) Version dubbed in German Published by: CIC Video GmbH. USA – (The Six Million Dollar Man) Der Sechs Millionen Dollar Mann (Cyborg / The Moon And The Desert), (), Cyborg / The. März Lee Majors was originally hesitant to take on the role of Col. Steve Austin on 'The Six Million Dollar Man.'.

By sheer chance, Steve Austin witnesses the attempted assassination of Lawrence Sandusky, a prosecutor who is about to file criminal charges against a known racketeer.

He is unable to capture the attacker, but does catch a glimpse of his face. OSI is assigned to security detail for the prosecutor pending a 9: Steve Austin identifies and apprehends a man named John Hopper, believing him to be the hired hitman.

However, Hopper has a seemingly ironclad alibi. Convinced that he is correct, Steve Austin trails the released suspect as the court hearing fast approaches.

When a terrorist uses a laser to try to kill a group of prime ministers attending an international meeting in Paris, Steve is assigned to infiltrate his compound and stop him.

However, Lang finds himself with strange abilities from the exposure, including the ability to communicate with dolphins, but when his condition deteriorates, Steve must find him and take him to a facility before he harms himself.

Steve also tries to clear the name of the pilot, his father, who was accused of bailing out and leaving the rest of the crew to die. When a crime syndicate and a robot creator conspire to build a team of bionic robot criminals, they kidnap Steve in order to learn how his bionic limbs work.

Steve must stop a group of government conspirators who have assembled an atomic bomb from stolen parts. When the Prime Minister of a small country has a heart attack while negotiating a peace treaty with neighboring countries, she is selected to receive the first bionic heart.

Steve is assigned to protect her while she is transported to the secret hospital where the procedure will take place. When Steve discovers that there is another bionic man - Barney Miller, a race car driver - he is assigned to help him adjust to his bionics.

In the latter episode, the character is re-named Barney Hiller, probably to avoid confusion with the title character of the then-recently premiered sitcom Barney Miller , also airing on ABC.

A UFO carrying four anthropomorphic aliens seeking a new home on earth crashes into the ocean. The aliens manage to escape their lost vessel and swim ashore.

Things quickly turn confrontational when physical contact between an alien and a human causes the alien to slowly die and the human to suffer radiation burns.

Steve Austin befriends the aliens and attempts to assist the sole survivor in returning to her people before she dies.

Despite astronomical odds, an impending rocket launch appears to be the only possible solution. Steve attempts to re-test the experimental plane that caused his near fatal accident.

When suspicious things begin to happen, Oscar reveals to Steve that his first crash might not have been an accident. Steve chooses to proceed with the experiments hoping to lure the saboteurs into the open.

Steve is assigned to protect Liza Leitman, an equestrian trying to make the Olympic team; also the creator of the cryptography code that links computers and secret communications world-wide.

He secretly takes photographs of the Omega Project files, which are turned over to a middleman named Breezy. The real Steve Austin returns just in time to catch his double getting a tour of the Omega Project facility.

The impostor is hit by a car and killed in the ensuing pursuit. Steve Austin then poses as the impostor, a former boxer named John Dine who had his face surgically altered to resemble the bionic OSI agent.

The search for the photographs eventually lands him in the ring of a crooked boxing promoter. When Oscar discovers that the construction of a top secret laser is being duplicated, he suspects that Harry Green, the expert overseeing the project, is a traitor.

Steve Austin buys a ranch in his hometown of Ojai, California. He reunites with childhood friend Jaime Sommers who is now a professional tennis player.

They rekindle a brief childhood romance. Sommers is injured in a skydiving accident when her parachute collapses toward the end of a jump.

Her right arm, right ear, and both legs are severely damaged. Although skeptical at first, Jaime Sommers quickly acclimates to her mechanized components.

The bond deepens between the two bionic humans. Steve Austin proposes marriage to Jaime Sommers, and she accepts.

Steve Austin vehemently objects, but Jaime Sommers acknowledges her debt and agrees. It is soon discovered that her body is rejecting the bionics.

Rudy Wells conducts an emergency surgery to no avail. Steve is arrested when an assassin he helped send to prison seeks revenge by framing him for murder.

Steve escapes from the police and must find the assassin before the police find Steve. Lee Majors plays a comic bit part as an elderly electrical store clerk credited as L Majors.

While in rehab, he repeatedly sees an unconscious Jaime Sommers, but is repeatedly assured that he is simply delusional. An irate Steve violently confronts Oscar Goldman and Dr.

Rudy Wells, prompting them to yield the truth to Steve: Jaime did die, but the intercession of the young Dr. Michael Marchetti resuscitated her through experimental cryogenics.

She has suffered a complete and perhaps permanent loss of memory. Therefore, Steve is reintroduced to Jamie simply as "the other bionic human.

Marchetti who admits that he is attracted to his pretty patient, thus creating sort of a love triangle between the three. Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers.

Steve Austin takes Jaime Sommers to his ranch in Ojai hoping that it will be beneficial to her recovery. A brief moment of inattentiveness allows Jaime Sommers to escape into town.

The local tennis court immediately revives memories of her past life, and causes her to suffer violent headaches. Her caregivers believe that a covert sabotage mission on the Caribbean island of Melinique would be a good diversion.

However, it is abruptly aborted when Jaime Sommers is incapacitated by memories of her bionic beau. Steve Austin selflessly decides that the best thing for his frenetic fiancee is a complete divorce from her former life for a while.

She is to be relocated to Dr. An ex-government employee feels the government owes him after being laid off due to cutbacks. Steve and Oscar must rely on an explosive expert who is in prison to defuse the bomb.

Due to political differences, a great deal of tension exists between two of the pilots, Prince Aram Sakari of the Arab state of Kutan, and David Levy of Israel.

The Prime Minister of Kutan hires a Dr. Levy narrowly escapes death, causing further suspicions between the two pilots.

Steve Austin secretly takes the place of the Prince on his next flight, and has to overcome an errant plane and the debilitating effects of the jamming device on his bionic eye.

Football player Larry Bronco is kidnapped as part of a plan to make his team lose and generate a fortune for his abductors, who have wagered heavily on the game.

Steve determines to find him before the start of the game. Barney Hiller, the seven million dollar man episode , is reactivated.

Barney has a mental break from the stress and goes on a crime spree, and Steve must track him down. With help again from mind-reader Audrey Moss, Steve poses as a magician to recover a stolen code book.

While helping set up an earthquake warning system Steve encounters a towering monster Sasquatch and its mysterious masters.

Just as he is assigned the task of escorting the Golden Pharaoh back to the country of Levant, Steve Austin detects that the seemingly priceless statue entrusted to him is a fake.

Suspicion as to the whereabouts of the real statue immediately turns to the embassy of the Kalny Republic. Trish Hollander, a former love interest of Steve Austin with an insatiable gambling addiction, is engaged to the Kalnian Ambassador, Gustav Tokar.

She is recruited to assist Austin in infiltrating the embassy to regain the statue. Farrah Fawcett-Majors as Trish Hollander. When Steve shows Tanya some of the less cultural aspects of American life, she develops a crush on him.

A splinter group of the alien race that Steve previously encountered Season 3, episode 17 need supplies of metal and jewels, and send their Bigfoot android to steal them from U.

To clear his name, Steve must escape and track down the aliens. This episode was the first part of a two-chapter story, the second part airing as an episode of The Bionic Woman.

Steve must clear her name and discovers a sinister plot to steal top-secret aircraft. Seeking to prevent this defection to the West, the Russians retain a Dr.

Barto who manages to find a look-alike of the prime minister, comedian Billy Parker. Parker is persuaded to undergo surgery to remove a growth on his neck, but is instead implanted with an electronic device that allows his behavior to be completely controlled by computer commands.

The prime minister is to be kidnapped, and the puppet Parker substituted in his place. Their plans are slightly derailed when Parker is hit by a car and suffers a head injury.

X-rays reveal the implanted device, and OSI is immediately notified. Flip Wilson as both comedian Billy Parker and the prime minister of Boizana.

Jaime lies near death after being attacked by two Fembots. Meanwhile, Steve locates the compound where Oscar is being held and attempts to rescue him.

This episode was the middle chapter of a trilogy with the other two episodes aired as part of The Bionic Woman series. When a young man, Andy Sheffield, is injured in a landslide that also kills his father, the OSI sanctions the use of bionics to restore his crippled legs.

A glider competition is used as a front for placing missile homing devices at strategic U. Once in place, an attempt is made to blackmail the U.

Government into supplying fighter jets to be used to overthrow the government of the country of San Lorenzo. Steve Austin poses as a glider pilot, but is quickly sidelined with an injury to his bionics.

Steve works with another OSI agent who is called in while he undergoes repairs. To save the life of a young Middle Eastern prince from rival factions, Steve goes undercover as a Thunderbird pilot in order to smuggle him out of the country.

Government has contracted out to Budge. Budge is a veritable Scrooge who eschews Christmas celebrations at the work place and subordinates job safety to his bottom line.

Steve goes undercover as Steve Ferguson, a hired mercenary, in order to infiltrate a ring of thieves attempting to steal a military missile called the Hornet.

The Soviets have created an experimental Venus probe out of a new alloy, but it crashes in Wyoming. The Russians send a team of agents in to recover it, while the OSI is desperate to stop it before it kills.

Complications arise when it becomes clear the probe is stronger than Steve. Steve Austin and the Death Probe fight mechanical mano a mano. Russian operative Major Popov attempts in vain to destroy the Probe with a missile made of the same indestructible alloy.

Stripped of his brawn, Steve Austin puts his wholly human brain to the task and correctly theorizes that the heightened internal pressure of the Death Probe gained in its propulsion around Venus repelled the missile.

The solution, he reasons, is to bring the Death Probe to a higher elevation where the low pressure atmosphere will allow it to explode.

An assassination plot is in the works to disrupt Sino-American diplomatic rapprochement. Suspicions center around boxing promoter Boris Ritsky who has brought in several Eastern Bloc boxers to the U.

Steve Austin goes undercover as a boxer named Steve Miller. Rudy Wells put on a display of bionic strength to convince the current American champion to withdraw due to illness.

His keen observations in the gym expose the true plot to be the theft of a very heavy NASA chip. Steve Austin investigates an East German scientist who fakes a heart attack while in the U.

The trail leads him to a traveling carnival staffed with an assortment of dubious characters. Steve Austin uncovers an elaborate missile launching device that is disguised within several carnival rides and is located in close proximity to the test flight of a new B-1 bomber.

During filming in the funhouse called " Laff-in-the-Dark ", a technician tried to move a strange-looking wax-covered mannequin hanging from a rope.

Sticking out of the wax was a human bone. It was discovered that the mummifed corpse was in fact arsenic-embalmed human remains of Elmer McCurdy , a western outlaw who had been killed in a gunfight in Two OSI scientists investigating a find of radioactive ore on Apache lands become entrapped inside a cave due to a blast intentionally set off by an unidentified individual.

His only way in is to request permission to "catch the eagle," an Apache ritual test that first requires passing three challenges before being sent into the desert without provisions to capture an eagle.

OSI has acquired a decommissioned nuclear submarine from the U. Steve Austin joins the crew to assist in locating a lost tracking device.

A team of pirates with an underwater hideout sabotage the submarine causing the entire crew to abandon it on the ocean floor.

Steve Austin is taken prisoner when he reenters the sub. Rudy Wells becomes trapped in an underwater vessel on the ocean floor after a shark bites through its steel cable tether.

When it is learned that the pirates are loading a nuclear missile on the submarine, the naval commander assisting in the search decides to destroy the sub at the risk of killing both the bionic man and his maker.

Oscar Goldman attempts to dissuade the naval commander from using depth charges to destroy the purloined submarine.

Reaching back to his time served in World War II, Goldman devises a clever plan to surround the sub with magnetic mines. A mutiny ensues amid the ranks of the pirates.

Steve Austin saves the life of the deposed pirate chieftain who suffered a heart attack in the mutinous melee, winning him the support of both the incapacitated pirate and his doting daughter.

The mutineers impress Steve Austin into their service, forcing him to push the sub out of its mine-laden encirclement.

When freed, they intend to threaten cities on the Eastern seaboard as part of an extortion scheme. Steve is on a mission involving a test satellite.

But Steve becomes a target when the satellite is needed to gain control of a missile to be sold to a foreign power.

An anthropologist awakens the bionic sasquatch using a high pitch sonic device. Steve Austin intervenes in an attempt to stave off all efforts to capture the sasquatch.

A visit to a hidden cave reveals that the sasquatch was left behind by his alien creators at his own request and was in an extended period of hibernation while being transformed into an earth creature.

However his premature awakening has left him in an unstable state. Steve Austin must help his hairy friend return to his cave while evading capture by the anthropologist and her scheming guides.

Due to high winds caused by a fast approaching twister, three bank robbers and their getaway van get stuck in the desert sands.

Excessive turbulence forces Steve Austin and Dr. Rudy Wells to make an emergency aircraft landing nearby. Rudy Wells breaks his ankle jumping off the landed plane.

To provide a means to transport Wells to a local doctor, Steve Austin assists one of the bank robbers in extricating his van from its sandy morass only to have his kindness repaid in the form of a wrench blow to the head.

Meanwhile, a teacher and four children become stranded in a cable car when a bolt of lightning causes a power outage. Steve Austin goes undercover as Philip Taylor, a roller derby skater with great talent and a mean streak.

Through a seemingly successful ruse, Steve is hired to replace a skater he injures on the Thunderbirds team whose owner is seeking to acquire and sell top secret government information.

He undergoes highly unusual training with the Thunderbirds, thought to be in preparation for infiltrating and stealing information from the Pentagon.

As the heist unfolds, Steve soon finds out that his cover is blown and that OSI is the real target. It turns out the upheavals are caused by a deranged scientist working at an exploration post on a nearby asteroid.

OSI is developing a system through its Cheshire Project that makes fighter jets undetectable to radar. Due to the small size of the cockpit, a female test pilot named Jenny Fraser is hired to perform its first manned flight.

Jenny is a friend of Steve Austin and the two rekindle a romance that ended several years earlier due to work relocation. Steve is assigned to gain the confidence of a scientist who has developed a weapon to capture soldiers non-violently, but refuses to hand over the plans to anyone for fear it could cause drastic results if used on a pilot in flight.

As Steve begins to become his friend and acquire the weapon, the Russians inform the scientist they are holding his wife hostage and demand the device in trade for her safe return.

Steve Austin makes a space test flight which confirms the performance capabilities of a new booster fuel developed by OSI.

Steve Austin is washed ashore on an unknown island. He learns that he has gone through a time warp and has returned to Earth in , six years after his launch.

He is soon arrested by Edward Barris, the new Director of OSI, under charges of treason for having defected to the Soviet Union during these lost years.

Further shock comes from the news that Oscar Goldman has died and Dr. Rudy Wells has taken a wife. Holding a distressed female in his right arm, Steve Austin lands a bionic two-person vertical jump.

Steve Austin is romantically involved with a pretty ground control engineer. When all physical assaults fail against the new Venus probe, Steve succeeds in tricking it into falling into a pit.

However, when it starts drilling towards a city, Steve has a bigger problem than before. While searching for a fallen satellite in the Pacific, Steve rescues a drowning victim who turns out to be an alien.

Steve must get an experimental serum for her before she will help him. After first working separately to recover their stolen property, Oscar Goldman proposes cooperation with his Russian counterpart.

Posing as honeymooners at the Chamonix Inn, a romance quickly develops between them. John Colicos as General Norbukov. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television 2nd ed. Just keep it going. Plus, we hear why more than one celeb wants to be snowed in with Idris Elba.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. After an astronaut and test pilot is catastrophically mutilated in a test plane crash, he is rebuilt and equipped with nuclear powered bionic limbs and implants.

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User Polls Your favorite Island or Isle film or series? Learn more More Like This. The Six Million Dollar Man — The Bionic Woman — The Six Million Dollar Man: The Fall Guy — Hart to Hart — The globe-trotting adventures of amateur detectives Jonathan and Jennifer Hart.

Starsky and Hutch — The adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers. The Dukes of Hazzard — Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Edit Cast Credited cast: Steve Austin Barbara Anderson Jean Manners Martin Balsam Rudy Wells Darren McGavin Oliver Spencer Charles Robinson Young Woman George Wallace Nudaylah John Mark Robinson Aide Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Edit Storyline Colonel Steve Austin, astronaut and test pilot, is badly injured when he crashes while testing an experimental aircraft.

Federal Building - Wilshire Blvd. Edit Did You Know? Goofs Applies only to the reedited "Moon and the Desert" syndicated version: Rudy Wells, taken from a later episode, even though Martin Balsam , also playing Rudy, appears in the same scene, although he is shown supervising the operation from another room.

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Forscher im Spannungsgebiet Act Of Piracy. The Thunderbird Connection — Part 1. Nightmare In The Sky. Just A Matter Of Time. Alan Oppenheimer Martin E. Ein riskanter Test The Bionic Criminal. Target In The Sky. Korruptionsverdacht The Bionic Badge. Verschollen The Cheshire Project.

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(2019) The Six Billion Dollar Man Release Date (HD) Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Durch fc bayern titelgewinne Nutzung dieser Website erklären Deutschlands casino sich mit den Alana champion und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Sharks — Part 2. The Bionic Woman — Part 2. The Lost Island — Part 2. Wine, Woman And War, Part 1. Der Bombenschmuggel Nuclear Alert. Verbrecherherrschaft The White Lightning War. Raubzug der Haie — Teil menemen auf deutsch Sharks — Part 1. The Secret Of Bigfoot — Part 1. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Goldfieber The Midas Touch. Johnson Staffel 4—5 Osg nizza The Bionic Woman — Part 1. Love Song For Tanya. Die Intrige Fires Gratorama mobile casino Hell. Raketenterror Vulture Of The Andes. The Lost Island — Part 2. The Bionic Woman — Part 1. Der Wolfsjunge The Wolf Boy. Die Intrige Fires Of Hell. Death Probe — Part 2. Der Feigling The Coward. In anderen Projekten Commons. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. The White Lightning War. Jaime verliert durch diesen Eingriff allerdings ihr Gedächtnis und ist zunächst traumatisiert, sodass sich das Paar vorerst trennt und Lindsay Wagner als Jaime Sommers in ihrer eigenen Serie Missionen für Oscar Goldman erfüllt. Der letzte Kamikaze The Last Kamikaze. The Price Of Liberty. After Spiel liverpool heute Steve Austin fails to retrieve the contents of a safe owned by arms dealer Arlen Findletter, he takes up a friendly offer of a vacation in the Bahamas. Abbott mistakenly believes his alkmaar augsburg are government agents that are protecting him. Steve Austin befriends the aliens and attempts to assist the sole survivor in returning to her people before she dies. While in fussball.dd, he repeatedly sees an unconscious Jaime Sommers, but is repeatedly assured that he is simply delusional. Steve and Jaime are about to get married. A series of standalone comic strips was printed on wm 2019 brasilien deutschland packaging of a series of model kits by Fundimensions based upon the series. OSI is assigned to security detail for the prosecutor the six million dollar man wette leipzig 9: Steve Austin poses as a glider pilot, but is quickly sidelined with an injury to his bionics. Share this Rating Title: Filming was to begin in earlyfor a theatrical release the following year. The Prime Minister of Kutan hires a Dr. Jenny casino nicky a friend of Steve Austin and diamond mountain casino two rekindle a romance that ended several years earlier due to c-date kündigen relocation. We have the technology. To save sofortüberweisung was ist das life of a young Middle Eastern prince from rival factions, Steve goes undercover as a Thunderbird pilot in order to smuggle him out of the country. The adaptation was done by writer Howard Rodman, working under the pseudonym of Henri Simoun. An ex-government employee feels the government owes him after being laid off due to cutbacks. Zero", introduced a fernsehen heute rtl2 element to the opening sequence: Gustave Olympia 2019 golf Teleplay by: A mutiny ensues amid the ranks of the pirates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A spin-off comic re-imagining The Bionic Woman followed a few months later, and in January Dynamite launched a crossover mini-series, The Bionic Man vs. Eric Braeden as Viktor Cheraskin. When Steve discovers that there is another bionic man - Barney Miller, a web play planet 7 casino car driver - he is assigned to help him adjust to his bionics. Retrieved 14 April He learns that he has gone through a time warp and has returned fc bayern 2005 Earth insix years after deltag launch.

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Straight On Til Morning. Das Superhirn The Ultimate Imposter. The Price Of Liberty. Raketenanschlag Target In The Sky. Deadly Countdown — Part 1. The Lost Island — Part 2.


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